Martin Mlaka
Melancholy Tunes Edition 2021
It was 2016. I thought ... if I could get accommodation and food for free in an exchange for a bit of work, I would live like that forever. Every time I would get bored, I would pack up and find a new workaway stay. I saw a kayaking tour guide opportunity in El Nido, a photography offer in a Bedouine place in the desert in Morocco. Destiny brought me to the ocean once again, but in Morocco. I helped in a surf camp. Drove guests from and to the airport, did some shopping. These locals took care of me, introduced me to their friends and showed me how they lived. They taught me how to surf, but I became restless. I paid for my food and I was running out of money. Seeing this way of life won't work, I had to pack up and figure out what to do next...

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