Martin Mlaka
Melancholy Tunes Edition 2021
20km hike in these little big mountains. You can take a cable cart and shorten the trip that is said to take 9 hours by almost an hour. You can sleep at the cottage in the hills and either split the trip or start it already high and fresh. But you want to push yourself so you set off with the sunrise and walk fast, you can do it. Hours pass by, the sun is burning you alive and the last ascent is in front of you. You are drained. Climbing up, your legs shake and you move like a Three-toed sloth. You sweat out every ounce of water that was in you. You sit down to rest and look back to where you came from. You see the point which you passed a couple of hours ago. Someone else is standing there now. They might follow you on the same path, or turn around and go back the same way as they came up. Would anyone else go where you have gone? Would they push as much as you have?
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