Spoiler alert: i am super excited by the future of the meaningful nfts!
NFTs are all over the web at the moment, but they remind me of the early webpages and there is the get rich quick hype which attracts digital creators who are overfilling opeansea and all the other platforms in search of million dollars high sales as seen previously by artists like beeple or Pak. how many nfts drop every day?
The question is though what happens when the initial hype falls and people will ease on investing into nfts because the fear of missing out and value from owning the very first artworks in nft world will evaporate?
When i started looking into nfts i didn't know what to think initially. I was repelled by the prices i saw that stuff was sold for. by researching the barriers to entry i found it was almost impossible for someone to buy something of value. after such findings one could sink into misery and think the world is unjust again. people who don't own any cryptocurrency are again left behind and for the current prices if they want to get in now, they would pay astronomic amounts of money. so again those who are already rich can get richer, and the poor are again left out. but is this really true? only time will tell. Maybe you jumped on the crypto bandwagon and are able to invest into what seems a profitable stuff. Maybe this is the biggest problem that the nfts are facing now. too many people lured in by extremely high gains .... which in many cases means decisions done by impulse... just to get rich..
I have been creating something since my early age so i tried to look at this issue from creator's perspective. of course i would love to join the bandwagon and earn millions and be forever free. but is it so simple?
i think that we are forgetting one of the most important factors today - the social variable. Which consists of two sides really. a creator without any following, without any community would most likely sell nothing. it is, naturally, about exposure and if someone cannot find you, your creation can be amazing, but nobody will see it. what is even more important is your value to them. people can only bet on you becoming something more than you are today if you are starting out. and how can you prove you have got more? and why now? with nfts? before nfts you were nobody but it didn't matter? You were trying to break through but you could live like that? now as an artist you see you could make big money in this game so you have to figure out how?
so we probably see a lot of marketers today...or artist becoming marketers in order to sell. The question there is: do they create something they would not have created if they didn't need to please the market? I always wondered what would the world be like if the inventors created purely out of their interests and no economic gains were in the game. I mean, I am sure that almost everyone needed to accept a job because they couldn't afford their living at some point. especially in the old days. you can be interested in environmental stuff, but it doesn't pay back, so if a company that sells something within your area asks you to contribute, would you decline?
those who already have large following push people to their discord pages, it may be because Instagram or Facebook or youtube don't necessarily show their posts as they would love to and the creators may be tired of those algorithms. discord also gives them a better platform to connect the people by never ending discussions on the platform where if they join your room then the common link is you...it is your community then.
I don't want to utilize the discord platform, not just yet. i didn't like the experience so far and i don't want people to switch their preferred platforms just because MY page at discord could be the first one to announce a new drop etc. I understand why many start creating communities via discord - it focuses people who are in the market of nfts and it eliminates people who either don't know, they are not interested, or they simply cannot get into it .. just yet. and thus they would sell easier and faster.
TRUE support?
Of course i see a potential in engaging with the community. but in a different way though. I have my own plans and hope to eliminate thousands spam "hi" messages. i understand this would require a lot of time on the creators' part. However, it's already happening. almost. I myself have been a part of a couple of discussions @Twitter where photographers like ty bowmakernoealz or alter generously share their knowledge and actually hear your thoughts out! but, in my opinion, this is only the beginning!
here is where it gets best and when i got super super suuuuper excited!
i had a heureka moment and i shouted out in my head when thinking about the nfts and their potential and what it is and how to approach it and how not to be there just for the quick buck or two. i shouted: "nfts are for renaissance people!". some time has passed and I strongly stand by my aha moment. i realized i could use all my interests, skills, passions and knowledge in all areas, draw on my previous life experiences, i have finally found a way how to give everything i had accumulated over the years and for what i had never found a platform before so that it could be financially sustainable for me and i would see it is beneficial for others. how it feels to me is that this platform is made for people who want to grow and want to give back to the world. and it is funny that it comes in these times when most of the young people are frustrated by traditional way of living and by traditional way of thinking.
it probably all started with instagram and youtube although i'd say that instagram was more of a show off and maybe still kinda is. but to make youtube videos and to get subscribers, it takes a loooooooot of work. a loooooooooooooooot of work. and it needs not to be about the ego of the creator, but they need to provide value. while there have always been insincere people pretending they care, you could sort out really generous, humble and honest people. And this is it. they have already created their community, but unfortunately they may not yet have a way of how to monetize via nfts yet. i would actually disagree with that but the ways may not be so effective just yet......unless they are reaaally genuine?
However, nfts are here to build upon all of their breakthroughs i think. nft creators could and most likely will learn from all of the lessons from instagramers, youtubers, course creators, life coaches, and other "influencers". this leaves me excited as i look at myself and my goals and desires. after a period of self doubt and self sabotage..i feel excited once again. i had doubts with everything i did. i thought, what am i doing, who am i doing it for, why am i doing this, do i even like it, is this me? I don't want to be putting it on instagram. i hate selling myself. i hate this hashtag game of getting followers, having people follow me one day, unfollow the other, and see the automated scripts doing their work for many others to gain followers. but now! now is the time where you can be all of you! you can be a photographer, a musician, a painter, a screenwriter, a director, a model, and in all those areas you can, and again you probably should, also be a teacher, a mentor, a coach .. and create a community of like minded people to which you can give back.
To infinity and beyond!
i am forming my idea of what this can be, or what it should be and how it could involve even those who cannot afford to join because they were not in early enough. but the creator and the community has all the power. they can gift, redistribute resources as they seem fit. the creator can make an additional work and reward it to the followers who would love to get in but cannot or the creator can reduce the price - and hopefully allow only those who has only limited resources to purchase their nfts. They could reward a community member directly etc.. it will become clear sooner or later, but i strongly believe this will be for the better good and doesn't necessarily mean: you just woke up and it's all over.
i have always wanted to write and direct my own film, and i might still get to it if i manage to write something of value, and i smile thinking how supporters who were there with me in my photographic beginning will watch when i release my films later on. what kind of rewards, special treats i could distribute, what special nfts i could create to be of value for them for now and for the future!
i am super excited!

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