Martin Mlaka
Melancholy Tunes Edition 2021
Out of this world really. This is in Albania. The mountains, the sea, the island and the sky blend into one. I drove into these crazy mountains, beautiful Llogara national park. And on the top of the hill, just below the Mount Çika, this view opened up. I had to stop here. It's Panorama Llogara. i parked next to a German camper and could not stop being in awe. Looking down at the hairpins leading into the coastline I wondered whether the brakes of the Lil Blu will hold up the trip. I saw trucks entering the slope far down below, watched them here and there making a turn on the hairpins, slowly moving up and after some very long time they finally passed by and continued to descent the national park behind us. Germans went to sleep and I stayed long into the night. Dreaming.
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